A 'Statement of Purpose' — popularly known as 'SOP' — is an integral part of the international admissions process. SOP is required along with the admission form while applying in most of the International Universities.

Key to Unlock Admission

A well-written SOP with a good academic score is a winning combination and offers credibility to your study-abroad aspirations.

Your SOP is Your Reflection

SOPs paint a picture of the applicants overall personality and gives admission committees of universities a fair idea about an applicant’s potential and his drive for success. SOP literally draw a psycho-analytical sketch of themselves. Therefore, universities roughly give 50% importance to it in the acceptance or rejection of an application.

SOP is not just a mere document

A well written SOP gives you an opportunity to convince the Admissions Officer/Team that is examining application forms on why you should be granted admission.

Competition / To stand out of crowd

Remember when you apply for a specific course at a popular international University; you are competing with a number of talented students from around the world; who applied for the same course that you have selected.


There have been numerous cases where applicants with good academic scores and glowing recommendation letters were rejected by the institution, owing to a poorly written SOP. So please take extra care when you write your SOP — it could make all the difference to your admission status!


How to Write a Winning SOP ?

Writing a winning Statement of Purpose. What all to include in a good SOP ?

Contents of a good SOP

Statement of Purpose should consist of the following:-

1. Applicant’s Background

2. Education & professional experience

3. Interest in the field chosen

4. Immediate and long term goals

5. Reasons for deciding to pursue education at a particular institution.

6. Extracurricular activities and honors.

7. What is special about the applicant?

Tips for Writing a good SOP / Checklist to ensure a good SOP?

With years of experience in helping hundreds of students with their applications, Here we present few tips on what elements should an applicant include in his/her statement of purpose and how to mould it in the manner that would ensure that his application stands out.

1. A good SOP must be in between 500 - 700 words.

2. Purpose / Motive - The purpose of joining any particular University , choosing a specific course or country must be stated and explained clearly. 'Why are you choosing the course that you want to study and what you plan to do on completing the course.'

3. An SOP must contain some indication of the applicant’s qualities, his or her suitability/capability and competencies to apply for a particular programme.

4. A good SOP must reflect the applicant’s passion to join a particular course/university in an interesting and convincing manner.

5. A good SOP must indicate the preparedness of the applicant to bring the passion into action. It must be well explanatory.

6. Planning, as stated in the above tip the applicant must mention their goals or aims - once they get selected for the course and also after plans that where and how they want to reach.

7. A good SOP must end on a positive note and ought to highlight the positiveness in the entire write-up.