Australia as Study Destination

Why Australia?

Australia is one the popular destinations among the students due to it tremendous education system and best facilities available for local and international students. Educational instates of Australia come under the top world ranked in and getting educated in Australia is “Value for Money”.

Education from Australia has global recognition which is the biggest advantage for the international students. It is also well known for its technology and research and many courses of research work are also available for international students. Australia is a land of multi cultured society and has great weather conditions which are helpful for international students to adjust.

Other reasons to choose Australia:

  • · Courses in English language

  • · Safe country and excellent weather conditions

  • · Indian education of 12+3 acceptable

  • · Streamlined visa process

  • · Duration of Masters: 1-2 years
  • · Duration of Bachelors: 3-4years
  • · Education service for overseas students (ESOS) Act is to protect rights of international students
  • · Economical living and tuition cost as compared to USA, UK etc.
  • · Variety of courses available: Science, Engineering, Medical, Business, Hospitality etc

Education System


Application Process with Seek


Working Rights

Candidates are always interested to know how about the working rights for the country which they apply. Below are the working rights for Australia which helps the candidates to make their living smoother in Australia.

For Students

Candidates who apply under student visa category in Australia are allowed to work part time. They can work up to 20 hours per week during their course in Australia. At the time of vacations they can work more number of hours.

For Spouse

Once the student starts its main courses (full-time) in Australia his/her spouse can start working in Australia for full time.


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